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About MakeUpMiser

Thank you for visiting the MakeUpMiser web site. My name is Michelle Phillips, President of MC Phillips, Inc. 
As a licensed esthetician I have sold many different brands of cosmetics. For years, no matter what brand I've sold, I heard the same complaint over and over - "I can't get to the bottom of my expensive skincare jar".
I have experienced the same thing and understand the frustration of throwing a bottle away before it's completely empty.
So, I came up with the MakeUpMiser, a set of small soft and reusable cosmetic spatulas to grab every drop out of those little containers and save you a whole lot of money . Whether you paid $20 or $200 for a cosmetic product, you deserve to get to the bottom of it.
The cosmetic spoonulas are black so you can easily see how much you are pulling out of the container. They are also flexible and shaped in a unique way to scrape around the sides and bottom of your cosmetic jars. The handles are 7" long to give you ample length to reach to the bottom. They are made of FDA approved plastic and best of all they are reusable. Just wash them with soap and water and use them over and over.

I know you will enjoy these wonderful money saving tools with your cosmetics.
Michelle C Phillips, LE, President
M. C. Phillips, Inc