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I couldn't believe it when I spotted this set of beauty spatulas.  For years I'd used all manner of improvised tools to get at the product left in jars and bottles.  Now I have the perfect tools, with flexible and varying sizes.  I'm giving these to friends as stocking stuffers this Christmas!

Flo, Los Angeles

I LOVE the MakeUp Miser! I got an extra 3 weeks out of an expensive moisturizer that was in a glass jar with a pump. I never would have gotten it all out--OR known there was that much left if not for the MakeUp Miser! I am also using it for a large body lotion pump bottle with thick lotion that just won't come out. I can see there's a whole inch left on the bottom that the pump just won't get. I think it's a GREAT idea. It saves me money by making my products last longer with NO WASTE. Thanks for coming up with a great product. All I can say is, thank you so much, and 'why didn't I think of that???????' :)

Valerie Page

Dear Michelle,

I love my MakeUpMiser!  Truth to tell, for years, I have been using various methods of scraping the last bits of my makeup, cleansing cream, concealer, moisturizer, you name it, out of their containers.  Q-tips, makeup spatulas, my fingers, what haven't I tried? I turn my shampoo and conditioner bottles upside down until the last drop is out.  Toothpaste tubes don't want to know me!   What can I say?  I'm cheap!  No, sorry, I'm frugal! 

Bless your heart for figuring this out!   My MakeUpMiser will keep my acrylic nails clean and make me happy at the same time for not wasting any of my expensive cosmetics and the other stuff that's just as necessary.

For the record, I use Mary Kay cream foundation, cleansing cream and concealer.  The foundation comes in a little palette so I don't really have too much trouble getting it all out.  But the cleansing cream and concealer come in a tube and there is a lot left in them that won't come out without help.

Sue Colopoulos
Chanhassen, MN

"2 WEEKS!!!! I can't believe how much product is hiding at the bottom of that little bottle when the pump stopped working and how I would have just thrown it all away if it weren't for your product!!! ;-)"

"I have artificial nails and I hate putting my hand in any cosmetic jar. The Miser has kept my nails from collecting product with less waste and not need to rinse my hands afterward."

"What a great tool! Thanks for inventing a really useful product - I love the MakeUpMiser!"

Hi, Michelle -

I just got back from vacation and am finally catching up on my email.  Yes, I love my MakeUp Miser.  I use them at home and took one to my place in Rock Hall.  I love how I can get another week or so out of my Jan Marini products.  But, here's a use you probably didn't design for - I use it for gardening.  I used the smallest spatula to get those tiny seeds out of seed packets to start some plants.  

 The new website looks great and I hope your sales are through the roof!